International Collaborations

French Embassy

An MoU was signed between the the French Embassy and KIIT School of Architecture & Planning. The purpose is to collaborate in the field of planning and heritage management.

The first of which was a workshop on “Urban Cultural Heritage and Smart Cities – From Past to Future” which was held in KIIT School of Architecture and Planning from 7th -12th November in collaboration with the French embassy involving 27 students and faculty from ENSAS (Strasbourg, France) , KIT (Germany) and KRVIA, Mumbai, concluded the First Phase with a review of its recommendations at KRVIA, Mumbai on 15th November by a team of Indian, French experts and practitioners in urban planning, conservation , art and culture historians and critics.

Texas Tech University, USA

Summer School at TTU Center Seville, Spain(May 20-27,2018) as part of MOU between School of Architecture and Planning , KIIT University and Texas Tech University, USA and Pecs University ,Hungary.

An intellectually stimulating week-long workshop in TTU Center Seville, Spain (20-27 May 2018) to find solutions to a contemporary issue being faced across nations “Aging” that is challenging both social stability and national economy through “Biomimicry in Salutogenic design” which is an approach that is aimed towards complete physical, psychological, physiological and social well being.
17 students from School of Architecture and Planning ,KIIT University and 3 students from Pecs University, Hungary explored solutions in the Western and Indian context to Design for the Elderly with faculty from KIIT University (Prof. Sudha Panda ,Prof. Sabyasachi Mohanty)and Pecs University(Dr.Gergo Stranyak ,Prof. Alexandra Peto) and Critics Panel Prof. S S Ray, Director School of Architecture and Planning KIIT University , Dr. Sharran Parkinson of Texas Tech University, and Dr. Gabriella Medvegy Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information from University of Pecs.

INTACH AH Division

An MoU was signed between KIIT School of Architecture & Planning and INTACH Architectural Heritage Division Delhi.

The first collaboration was a documentation and report prepared for the “Vernacular Weaver’s settlements of Kushanpuri & Bhatli in Bargarh District”. Our students documented the two villages in detail, to come up with solutions aimed at upliftment of housing standards of weavers, through on site mapping, measured drawings, systems analysis and community participation.

Industry Collaborations

BUKC (Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Center)

An event marking the long standing collaboration between our school and BUKC (Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Center), the think tank of Bhubaneswar Development Authority.

Guests included eminent Planner Mr. David Stein, Planning Consultant to BUKC-BDA, Mr. Bankim Kalra (Project Director of BUKC-BDA) and Mr. Kamran Naseem (Land use Planner, BUKC-BDA). Some key aims of this collaboration are; KIIT partnering with BUKC-BDA for a no. of initiatives; Live Urban Design & Planning workshops; Setting up of the Urban City Architecture Museum in the school’s premises; and many more.